How to get the new Tombstone Perk and use it in Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z

Andrew Highton
cod bocw firebase-z tombstone perk

Reviving is about to become a lot more beneficial in Zombies as the Tombstone Perk is now in Black Ops Cold War. The useful item is sure to become a fan-favorite once again, so we’ll show you its location and how to use it.

This year’s Call of Duty Zombies went for a slightly different approach with its perks at launch. It toned down the volume of perks and provided unrestricted access to all six that it offered, meaning you could own them all at once.

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Thanks to the Season One Reloaded update, we have a shiny new Perk to splash out the Zombie cash on. Players will now have the opportunity to add the Tombstone Perk to their collection and increase their chances of staying alive longer.

cod bocw season one reloaded

It was quite early into the game’s lifecycle that some leaked files were discovered, and they hinted at the return of some old Perks. One of those possible additions was the aforementioned Tombstone Perk.

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Treyarch confirmed the return of the popular Zombies Perk at the turn of the year via a rather blatant Tweet.

Where is the Tombstone Perk in Firebase Z

The arrival of the Firebase Z map has sparked the resurrection of Tombstone and it’s available to buy somewhere amongst the map’s desolation.

To get a taste of it yourself, you will need to follow these steps:

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  1. Begin a game of Firebase Z
  2. Keep slaying Zombies until you earn $1500
  3. Head to the door, in the spawn area, with the big purple arrow painted above the door
  4. Go up the stairs and keep following the natural path, you should see another purple arrow on the wall to guide you
  5. Pass through the Teleporter
  6. Go towards the satellite ahead of you and you’ll see the Tombstone Perk machine located next to a gate and lamp post

This should now gift you possession of the Perk in question, but now comes the explanation of how it actually works.

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cod bocw tombstone perk firebase-z zombies

How to use the Tombstone Perk in Firebase Z

Now that you own Tombstone, we will explain how its revives effects actually work. It’s not a passive Perk like the Deadshot Daquiri or Speed Cola, for instance, and it will require a bit of work on your part.

Here’s how you use the Tombstone Perk:

  1. Purchase the Tombstone Perk
  2. When you get downed, hold the “use” button to immediately die and drop a Tombstone
  3. When you respawn, head to the location in which you dropped the Tombstone
  4. Pick it up and you will get all your weapons and perks back, but not the Tombstone Perk
  5. Make sure you are speedy as the Tombstone will only stay for a limited time

If you have been successful in retrieving your items, then remember that you’ll need to rebuy the Tombstone Perk to do this if you get downed again.

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You should now be able to find the Perk and know how to use it as well.

Image credits: Treyarch

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