Game-breaking Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z drops players through map already

Andrew Highton
cod bocw firebase-z bug

Firebase Z is now in Black Ops Cold War and the brand new Zombies map is already being plagued by bugs as well as hounds. A game-breaking bug has been discovered that is causing players to fall through the map.

The mid-season Black Ops Cold War 1 Reloaded update has provided the game with a nice little boost. It includes welcome additions such as the Express map remake, new game modes, and the Firebase Z map.

Call of Duty’s newest Zombies map incorporates all the elements that make a lot of fun and even includes a powerful new RAI-K 84 gun and the new Tombstone Soda Perk.

cod bocw firebase-z art zombies

But for all the good and extra hours of gameplay that Firebase Z brings, it also comes with its own frustrating baggage. Black Ops Cold War has been a bit guilty of having some immersion-breaking bugs as of late such as making mini-maps disappear and forgetting to deliver Care Packages.

Sadly it seems that Treyarch’s new Zombies map has also caught a case of glitch fever. A short clip from Reddit user Kwoppers has shown a damaging, and game-breaking, bug that will render your Zombies efforts void.

In Kwoopers video, they got a hoard of Zombies to train and had the situation under control. The player then reached a certain spot on the map, fired their gun, and this proved to be a toxic combination.

cod bocw zombies firebase-z

Without warning, the player fell through the map before coming to rest on some textures a good few meters below the map’s intended surface.

They frantically checked above them to try and figure out what had happened, and all that could be seen was a fleeting set of textures.

Even though we don’t get to see what happened after they fell, the user posted in the comments below to clarify what the aftermath. Kwoppers said: “Dont worry, as soon as I left the game I crashed.”

The incident seemed so frustrating that it’s already an immediate concern that this might happen to other players that simply want to enjoy a game of Firebase Z.

Image credits: Treyarch

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