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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to fix broken Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z cross-play matches

Black Ops Cold War players are having issues playing Firebase Z cross-platform with PlayStation players, so here’s a workaround.



BOCW Zombies Firebase Z

Some Black Ops Cold War players have been unable to play cross-platform with PlayStation players on Firebase Z, so here’s how to fix the issue.

The second Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, Firebase Z, has been released. This new map is set in the jungles of Vietnam and has brought back the Tombstone perk alongside new bosses and a new weapon, the RAI K-84.

It’s free for all players across any platform, and the Easter Egg will go live on February 5 at 9AM PT.

However, some players have been having issues playing a private match of Firebase Z with PlayStation players cross-platform. If a PlayStation player joins a private lobby hosted by an Xbox or PC player, the host will be met with an error message concerning “required content.”

bocw zombies firebase z

Players aren’t actually missing any required content, it’s simply a bug that may be because of PlayStation players having access to exclusive Zombies game modes.

Treyarch, the game’s developers, has assured players that they are aware of the issue. On their official Trello board of known issues, they have marked the issue as having a “fix scheduled.”

In the meantime, Treyarch suggests that players:

  • Play Firebase Z in a Public match
  • Elect a PlayStation player to be the party host
  • Have PlayStation players join your in-progress Private match

The easiest and best solution is for players to join the PlayStation members game, and then queue up into a private match. This allows the party to reap the benefits of a private match: no random players disrupting your trains, no matchmaking times, and the host can pause the game.

Until the issue is solved, if you’re playing Firebase Z with PlayStation players cross-platform, remember to have a PS player host the match.

Image Credit: Treyarch