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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Crazy Black Ops Cold War glitch makes Care Packages disappear

Care Packages could be a non-option for players entirely thanks to a new Black Ops Cold War glitch that makes them disappear.



cod bocw care package

A new glitch seems to have struck Black Ops Cold War as some Care Packages are being called in but aren’t actually showing up.

It’s not one of the hardest scorestreaks in the world to earn, but it’s the potential for a Care Package to reward you with something of much greater value that makes it desirable. A 2,000 point Care Package can easily become a 10,000 point Gunship if the gods are smiling in your favor.

But one player didn’t even get a chance to roll the dice to find out as their Care Package apparently got lost in the mail enroute to its destination.

bocw care package scorestreak

Black Ops Cold War has been subject to a number of glitches and bugs since its release in November 2020. Just recently we’ve seen some unusual occurrences such as Raid becoming Rainbow Road and the H.A.R.P scorestreak not working properly.

The latest glitch is one that could be a big problem if it’s a reoccurring issue. Reddit user Liokazar documented their issue through video footage posted to the popular forum.

The video showed the player tossing the smoke grenade to signal where they wanted the Care Package to drop. Everything was going as planned as smoke rose to the sky, showing the helicopter where it needed to drop the package.

We saw the helicopter flying overhead, disappearing above the building, before reappearing once more with no drop in sight.

It left the player utterly bemused and devoid of one hard-earned Care Package.

Whenever a beacon is about to be thrown, it usually indicates if the spot you’re trying to throw it to is a viable option. If it’s going to be impeded, the grenade usually turns red to let you know.

This seemed to be a perfectly valid drop and location, and unless we’ve missed something, this could potentially be a damaging glitch that needs to be looked at.

Image credits: Treyarch