Black Ops Cold War players slam “trash” Zombies servers

Andrew Highton
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Zombies continues to be one of CoD’s most popular game modes, but its presence on Black Ops Cold War is currently under fire for its servers that are being described by fans as “trash.”

There’s something indescribably satisfying about gunning down hundreds of bloodthirsty zombies. Whatever that feeling is, it keeps players coming back for more.

Since the mode’s introduction in 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War, the Zombies game mode has proven to be a big winner for a franchise already steeped in multiplayer history.

Nearly every subsequent CoD title has included a new take on Zombies, and Black Ops Cold War is no different with Die Maschine and Firebase Z featuring. However, the game’s servers are making the act of playing Zombies quite difficult, and it seems like fans are running out of patience.

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The main argument stems from the fact that the game’s regular multiplayer operates on dedicated servers. This allows all players to have an equal advantage and are only limited by their own internet connection.

Zombies doesn’t use dedicated servers and instead relies on the internet connection of the game’s host. Reddit user Malsyon posted their complaints on the game’s subreddit and it has garnered repeated sentiments from similarly frustrated Zombies players.

Malsyon says: “Half the matches I play in Zombies have constant connection issues like shots taking 1/4-1/2 a second to actually register, rubberbanding, and connection interruptions (which results in either the match ending or you getting instant downed when connection re-establishes). I have a wired fiber optic internet connection, it isn’t an issue with my own connection.”

One particularly outraged fan took umbrage with Activision’s way of doing things: “This franchise makes billion of dollars yearly. So it is inexcusable that they don’t have dedicated servers for one of their main multiplayer modes lmao. Activision is simply trying to cut corners for max profit.”

Given that we’re a few months into the game’s life and already approaching Season 2, it seems unlikely that Treyarch, or Activision, will amend this issue now.

Though if the outpouring of resentment continues towards the game’s Zombies modes and the numbers decrease, then it might be something that gets addressed in future Call of Duty games.

Image credits: Treyarch

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