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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to access the portal for free in Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z

Here are some clever parkour routes you can take to access the portal for free in Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z.



bocw zombies firebase z village

With a clever bit of parkour, you can bypass Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z’s first door, and get to the portal without spending a penny.

Money is everything in Firebase Z. You’ll need it to open doors, turn on the power, and buy yourself weapon upgrades and perks for the rounds ahead.

Buying the first door to get to the portal will make a hole in your wallet, and you’ll need to defeat many more zombies to make back your losses. Instead of buying your way to the portal, with a little bit of parkour skill, you can head straight to the Firebase without spending a penny.

bocw zombies Firebase Z teleport

There’s a couple of ways to do it, but both are a little tricky to get right on the first go. Here’s the best ways to skip the first door in Firebase Z.

Firebase Z jump spot 1

The first way is to go all the way to the opposite side of the village so you’re right below the portal. Face north and you’ll see a balcony above you. It looks impossible to jump up onto but it can be done.

firebase z jump spot

Try to strafe jump to get a little more distance, and spam jump as you approach the ledge. If done right, you’ll grab onto the balcony and climb up. From there simply turn and face the portal, jump across to the adjacent platform and climb up.

Firebase Z jump spot 2

The second method works much the same as the first. From where you spawn, take a left up the stairs and go out onto the roof.

firebase z jump spot 2

Follow the roof around until you need to make a small jump onto the balcony in front. From here, step up onto the balustrade, or wall, nearest the portal. Shimmy out as far as you can go, then make the jump onto the balcony in front of you.

This jump takes a little bit of mastering – make sure to jump a little bit away from the wall and move your character towards the balcony while spamming the jump key. Your Operator will pull themselves up onto the ledge, and then you can simply jump across to the portal.

Reddit user roryward99 demonstrates the perfect way to do this.

If money is still an issue for you in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, you can check out our guide on how to earn more money in Firebase Z.

Image Credit: Treyarch