Black Ops Cold War players are furious over new Season 2 maps

Andrew Highton
cod bocw angry fans

Treyarch has rolled out the plans for Black Ops Cold War’s soon-to-be-released Season 2 content. This includes new maps, and CoD players are frustrated with the nature of them.

For many weeks Call of Duty players have reveled in Black Ops Cold War’s additional content that has been introduced since the game’s launch. The debut of Season 1 welcomed lots of new maps including The Pines, and returning game modes like Gunfight.

Now, blink and you’ve missed it, as Treyarch has already unveiled plans for Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. New scorestreaks, new weapons, Zombies content, and much more are heading for the game. But fans are displeased with the effort, or perceived lack of, that has been put into the new maps.

cod bocw season 2 roadmap

The official Season Two Roadmap documents a new Gunfight map taking place in a mansion and another large, multi-team map.

The problem is, the CoD community has felt for some time that Black Ops Cold War is stagnating and is devoid of sufficient content. Black Ops Cold War only launched with eight 6v6 maps and has very gradually increased that number.

For the time being the only new 6v6 map coming to Black Ops Cold War is Apocalypse. The addition of only one new 6v6 map has led to a backlash from the Call of Duty community with one Official Black Ops Cold War subreddit post showing their displeasure.

The top comment to the Season 2 roadmap has nearly 1k upvotes and says: “I don’t know If I’ll get flamed for this but ONE new 6v6 map is not enough. It’s so frustrating how stale this game has gotten, and yet, ONE NEW 6v6 map.”

Another user also added their thoughts on the matter: “They could have at least chucked in some remasters if nothing else to add variation which would take little to no effort. Sick of playing the same few maps.”

The nature of the game’s volume of maps has certainly changed from the previous Call of Duty games. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare launched with 16 fully-fledged maps, and then bulk offered four additional maps as DLC down the line. A far cry from the recent trend of releasing a smaller quantity of maps now, and then releasing more for free down the line.

It’s hard to see the model changing anytime soon and we can expect another one or two maps between now and the Season 2 mid-point.

Image credits: Treyarch