Modern Warfare 2 players slam Gunfight launch maps as a “slap in the face”

Gunfight map in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s Season 3 update finally brought the fan-favorite Gunfight playlist to the Call of Duty title, but players are disappointed with the maps that are featured in the playlist.

Modern Warfare 2 players are hopping into the Call of Duty title following the arrival of Season 3 to check out all the new content that the seasonal update has brought, including new 6v6 maps and the BlackCell Battle Pass.

Infinity Ward have also added a popular playlist that was absent from Modern Warfare 2 at launch, as the long-awaited Gunfight mode from Modern Warfare 2019 has finally arrived. However, players aren’t happy with its current state.

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This game mode pits squads of two against each other in a short deathmatch lasting just 40 seconds. While Gunfight had 7 maps at Modern Warfare 2019’s launch, it has noticeably fewer locations in Modern Warfare 2.

Reddit user ‘HypnotiZedMines’ expressed their frustration with this in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit. They explained: “As a Gunfight mode lover, I’m disappointed. After over 5 months without Gunfight, they finally released it with only 3 maps. I will not include Shipment as a map.”

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Many other players agreed with the Redditor in the comments of this thread, stating that they would have preferred a larger number of maps to be included when Gunfight arrived in Modern Warfare 2.

One player commented: “They should’ve just brought all the maps from MW2019 back (maybe exclude Hill) and add these maps as additional content at launch. This user then described the reduced number of maps as ‘a slap in the face.'”

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Another player added that the available maps are also “nowhere near as good” as the ones that were in Modern Warfare 2019 and stated that they were disappointed about the absence of locations like Pine, King, and Speedball.

One user suggested that the developers should just “port the maps over” from Modern Warfare 2019 so that players have more content. Another slammed the small number of Gunfight maps in Modern Warfare 2 for being a sign of “laziness ” from the devs.

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While players are disappointed that there are only four maps in Gunfight at launch, the developers confirmed in the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 patch notes that more maps will be coming to the game later.

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Image credits: Activision