Battlefield 6 leak claims free-to-play battle royale coming in 2022

Liam Mackay
battlefield battle royale

A new Battlefield 6 leak on Reddit has claimed that a free-to-play battle royale game is set to release in 2022, and has disputed other previous leaks.

We’re now nearing the official reveal of Battlefield 2021, and a ton of information about the game has been reportedly leaked. We’ve heard rumors that the game will launch on Game Pass, might not feature a campaign, and DICE themselves revealed a Battlefield mobile game is in development.

In a new Battlefield 6 leak on Reddit, a user claims they have a contact at DICE LA who has revealed new information about Battlefield 2021. The leaker themself has warned readers to take everything they say “with a pinch of salt,” as their source has “not seen or played the game.”

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Battlefield 2021

Many fans, including Dr Disrespect, are excited at the prospect of Battlefield 2021 taking on the battle royale genre. This new leak claims that DICE LA is developing a free-to-play battle royale game that’s set to release in March 2022.

The leak also describes how it’s “tied to the main game like Warzone,” and Dr Disrespect has already explained how this could help it emulate Warzone’s success.

Popular leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson said that he finds the battle royale leak hard to believe. After the leak directly disputed some of his previous leaks, he responded, “I also think there’s a few things wrong in the “leak” itself including DICE LA working on BR…Really?”

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This new leak also gave us some multiplayer gameplay details, reporting that there are 13 maps at launch, all set in Eurasia. Vehicles deploy on the map and you physically have to enter them, and Conquest is set for a major overhaul. Battlefield V’s attrition and squad revive systems have also reportedly been scrapped.

Battlefield 4 campaign

Tom Henderson has already gone into great detail explaining how your character in-game will be able to fight for either side of the conflict, and there are no set allegiances. The leaker said that their source insisted Henderson is wrong about this.

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In the Reddit post, they explained how “Each fallen country is allied to either US or Russia. For example, Japan, South Korea, and Israel are allied with the US. China and Iran are allied with Russia.”

In response, Henderson reiterated what he had been told: “In the game, you have no pre-established allegiances. You’re free to fight for either side of the conflict.” However, he can’t outright dispute the new leaks, saying, “I’m just reporting on what I’m personally been told and may/may not have seen.”

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Battlefield 6 is believed to be revealed in May, so we’re likely to know more about 2021’s game very soon.

Image Credit: EA / Dice

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