Nine-Fingers Keene’s bizarre inventory in Baldur’s Gate 3 actually makes perfect sense

Emily Stander
Nine-Fingers Keene in Baldur's Gate 3

Usually when you pickpocket someone in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can find some useful items. When you try and do this to Nine-Fingers Keen, however, you will only be met with a serious dagger problem. But, if you think about it, her inventory makes perfect sense. 

Many characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 hold powerful items that are just too expensive to fork out the money for, or that you can’t really get unless you try to steal it from them. As a result, lots of players use pickpocketing to save some cash or get items they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 

Nine-Fingers is not one of these characters. When you try to pickpocket her, all you’re really met with is an obscene amount of daggers. These aren’t even special daggers – you’re as likely to find them in a random box somewhere – so this has caused some confusion among players.

“What does one person need with all of those daggers?” ‘dotkodi’ asked in a Reddit post, along with a picture showing just how many daggers are in her inventory (it’s at least 28).

Not many Baldur’s Gate 3 players in the comments had the answers, but it is worth nothing that this could be linked to her passive features ‘Dagger Specialist’ and ‘Dagger Thrower.’ 

Dagger Specialist is a passive feature that allows a creature to throw three daggers per round, and Dagger Thrower adds double your proficiency bonus to ranged attacks made with daggers. 

So, given that she actually needs to have an obscene amount of daggers on her person at all times to keep up with these features, it makes sense why she has so many when you look in her inventory. But, overall, players were mostly confused about where she is actually storing them all.

“Every panel of her chest armor has an outer layer velcro’d closed that conceals row after row of knives. Around each piece of thigh and shin armor? Dagger holsters. Around her forearms? Daggers. Bicep armor? Daggers. Think that’s a hairpin? Nope, daggers,” one player theorized.

The simpler explanation that many players agreed with was that since she threw three daggers per round, she needs to make sure she has enough on her at all times. It’s not realistic, of course, that she would walk to pick up any she threw at the enemy before being able to attack again. 

While Nine-Fingers Keene is not the only character with a strange little detail like this, it’s certainly one of the more interesting battle techniques in Baldur’s Gate 3 players have seen to date. Besides, if you’re ever running short on daggers, now you know where to get them.

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