Seemingly powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 item has huge debuff you probably missed

Emily Stander
Lae'zel in Baldur's Gate 3

Some coveted items in Baldur’s Gate 3 give you massive advantages in a fight, and the Helldusk Boots is one of them. But, as some unlucky players have found, they also come with a significant debuff that may not be worth it. 

You can find the Helldusk Boots in Gortash’s Chamber in Baldur’s Gate 3, and they have some powerful perks. Firstly, anyone can wear them because they’re cloth armor, so they’re not locked to characters who have proficiency with heavy armor.

Secondly, they have Steadfast, which means you ignore the effects of difficult terrain and cannot be forcibly moved by any foe’s actions. Thirdly, they give you the ability to reroll a failed save as a reaction to succeed instead. 

So, overall, the Helldusk Boots are a super powerful item that can give you an advantage in many fights. Except, some players have discovered that they have been thwarting their own plans in battle. 

“It all sounds amazing until you realize that the boots prevent YOU and your allies from using spells like Dimension Door as well,” ‘Empty_Chemical_1498’ shared on Reddit. “I was so confused during all the fights why I suddenly can’t cast Dimension Door as [Shadowheart], or on her as another character. It’s the boots.”

Essentially, the boots also prevent you from using spells or actions that can move your characters even if you’ve cast them yourself. This issue also happens with the Boots of Striding. They just have Focused Stride, which means while you are concentrating, you cannot be pushed or get knocked prone.

Boots of Striding, however, doesn’t specify that this is only the case with enemies – which is the main issue with Helldusk Boots. It doesn’t specify that anyone who casts these spells can’t move you, and this has caused a lot of confusion among players – including myself.

I remember a time when I tried to use Dimension Door to get Lae’zel through a gate and she just absolutely stood still. It almost killed the entire party, because a stealthy approach completely failed. 

This has happened to a few players, as one posted a few days ago about a case where their Honour run almost got ruined because of the Helldusk Boots. 

It’s become a bit of an annoyance for some players, and the solution many have come up with is a toggleable feature or an interface that pops up confirming if that ally should be moved. Either way, something about the boots needs to change because they’re too powerful to ignore.