Baldur’s Gate 3 player reveals where to find “awesome” items easy to miss in Act 1

Emily Stander
Volo in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 loves hiding interesting items for players to find, especially in Act 1, where you can actually find a lot more powerful weapons, rings, and amulets than you may originally realize. One player has pointed out two more that you may have missed. 

Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 not only serves as an introduction to the story and characters, but also what you could miss if you don’t take the time to explore the world. 

While most players are aware of items and weapons you can find if you complete certain quests, there are powerful things hidden in dialogue choices and, as one player found, under rocks as well. 

“You can actually trade with Volo using the menu on the bottom left when you’re in dialogue with him,” ‘SnootBooper’ explained in a post on Reddit. “He’ll have a ring called The Whispering Promise that gives a creature you heal Bless for 2 turns. This also procs when throwing health potions.” 

Volo is a strange Bard that you first meet while he’s interviewing a Bear at the Sacred Pool in Emerald Grove. Later, you can save him from the Goblin Camp too, and he becomes a recurring character throughout Baldur’s Gate 3

This wasn’t the only item the OP noticed players had missed, though, and mentioned that you can find the Amulet of Silvanus hidden under a seemingly random rock. 

“It’s in the same beach area as the sad bear that throws fish in Druid’s Grove. It’s hidden under a flat rock that you can move. It lets you cast Lesser Restoration for free once per short rest,” they explained. 

Players in the comments loved the advice, and those who had found the Whispering Promise raved about how powerful it had been during their playthrough. 

“The Whispering Promise ring is awesome, I’m constantly singing its praises any time anyone asks about cleric builds. Combined with the Hellrider’s Pride gloves all your heals apply bless and blade ward, which is busted with mass healing word,” one player commented. 

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