Weird Baldur’s Gate 3 item is making you lose all your equipment

Stephanie Zucarelli

It’s no surprise that Baldur’s Gate 3 has managed to keep hidden some strange items even when most players have finished the game a couple of times. The Boots of Very Fast Blinking is a perfect example of that, and they’ve also taught players never to equip anything without carefully reading its description yet.

Those who have stopped by the Circus of the Last Days during Act 3 know that a bad-tempered Djinn tries to scam your party into wasting all their gold in its Spin the Wheel game. However, one of his “junk” prizes happens to be the Boots of Very Fast Blinking, which allows players to cast Misty Step whenever they want.

The Misty Step spell is crucial for some parts of the game, especially during an Honour Mode run. It allows any character to teleport wherever they want, without having to use spell lots, drink potions, or any other alternatives.

However, using them comes at the cost of losing all your clothes, so you’ll always end up at your destination practically naked. Weirdly, NPCs don’t react to somebody who teleports next to them with no clothes on, but it does leave you pretty vulnerable to any incoming attacks.

The Carnival Djinn in Baldur's Gate 3
You can win the Boots of Very Fast Blinking in the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington.

“Dude I got these in my first playthrough and didn’t know I had them, and when quickly changing equipment, didn’t realize they weren’t the Disintegrating Nightwalkers. I was in the Bhallist trial in the cavern with the Power Word Kill guy, misty stepped over to get in range, and had to figure out why my character was suddenly naked,” told a player in the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit.

Some Baldur’s Gate 3 fans were quite surprised after realizing that the Boots of Very Fast Blinking were responsible for something they’ve considered a glitch that Larian Studios never addressed, and have confessed that they’ve lost precious equipment more than once without knowing what happened.

While playing the Djinni’s game can get you some strange equipment as these boots, you should check out how to anger him so you can get one of the best weapons Baldur’s Gate 3 has in store. And if you’re intrigued by medieval fantasy RPGs, check out which new twist Dragon Age: The Veilguard adds to BG3’s romance system.