Baldur’s Gate 3 player discovers secret identity of tough Act 1 boss

Emily Stander
The Phase Spider Matriarch in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have praised the attention to detail throughout the game, and one fan has discovered hidden lore about the Phase Spider you fight in Act 1. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 took years to perfect and it shows when you look at the detailed accounts of the world and characters that players can find. Each character has a name, there are over 17,000 different endings, and now someone has found that an Act 1 boss has some deep lore attached to it too. 

The Phase Spider Matriarch can be found in the Withering Depths of the Blighted Village. While it is a tough boss fight, it may be even more difficult to spot the lore hidden in the small, dark cave you fight it in. 

‘ThorSon-525’ managed to find this lore by accident. “I’ve explored all of Act 1 with almost a dozen characters by this point in and out of multiplayer,” they said in a post on Reddit. “Today in my first try at honor mode I launched a surprise fire arrow at the Infested Ettercap and it opened an area I’ve never seen.” 

The books explained that the cave was once inhabited by a high elf, Eliette, who worshipped Lolth and wanted to start her own House in the cave. In a twist of events, Eliette turned into a spider – the very one you defeat when you enter the cave with your party. 

Not only is this an interesting bit of lore about what exactly happened in the cave, but it also explains why the spider would be carrying the Poisoner’s Robe that you get as a reward after defeating it. 

More Baldur’s Gate 3 players agreed that they did not know about this in the comments. One player who did discover the books said, “Wow I’ve read all those books and gotten the inspiration points from it, but never processed the Phase Spider is the person who lived in the cave. That’s wild!”

As more playthroughs of Baldur’s Gate 3 get finished, we are finding more and more lore and story arcs that we never knew about.

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