Baldur’s Gate 3 players reveal forgotten trick to annihilate Act 2 boss

Stephanie Zucarelli
Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach

Baldur’s Gate 3 has plenty of hidden hints to defeat enemies throughout dialogue scenes, and players can’t believe how they miss this tip that lets them absolutely destroy one of the toughest bosses in Act 2.

Baldur’s Gate 3 lets players experiment with multiple approaches to defeat its toughest bosses. Most agree that there’s always more than one way to defeat enemies in Faerun, and while some require to pass high-skill checks, there are others that are so easy that players can even try them out during an Honour mode run.

This is what Redditor “JennyTheSheWolf” discovered during the Yurgir boss fight, one of the most complicated combats thanks to the multiple Orthon bombs he scatters around the battlefield. However, these deadly explosives aren’t the only thing that stands out from this fight since the demon can also turn invisible while you try to dodge his attacks.

The OP explained to fans that they discovered that the Orthon bombs could be picked up without spending an action, and then they could throw them to Yurgir and his Merregons to absolutely dominate the fight.

However, that’s not the only surprising fact about the Yurgir fight. Baldur’s Gate 3 players gathered in the post and commented that this trick is actually shared by a companion at the beginning of your adventure. “If you’ve listened to Karlach, she tells you the best way to fight an Orthon is to lob their bombs back at them!” mentioned a player.

“Yeah, mama K mentions it waaaay before the fight. ‘Orthons love bombs, but they don’t like them being thrown back at them. But by the time of the fight comes, I forgot,” explained a player.

Players were shocked after remembering her dialogue, and most of them admitted to having completely forgotten about her advice. “Yeah, that was 60+ hours ago. This is why it’s nice to play a few times I guess,” commented a user.

And that’s everything about how to easily defeat Yurgir in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. If you want to know more about Larian Studios’ RPG, you can check which secret cave players found after a 400 playthrough and how to get the rare Gemini Gloves in the Devil’s Fee