Baldur’s Gate 3 player shocked to find completely new camp location after 300 hours

Emily Stander
A camp in Baldur's Gate 3

Camps in Baldur’s Gate 3 are where your party can rest and recuperate after adventuring, and they are usually themed around the location you rest in. One player has discovered an entirely new camp, though, in a hard-to-find area in Act 1. 

Part of what makes Baldur’s Gate 3 an immersive experience for players is the ability to take long rests. While it makes sense to have in a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game, it still gives a little realism when your characters need to take some time to sleep and recuperate

Each camp you make in the game is also different, which adds to this element of realism. Depending on whether you rest in the Underdark, Shadow-Cursed Lands, or Baldur’s Gate, it will be themed around the area you are in. 

One player found that this goes even deeper, though, as you can get an entirely different camp depending on specific locations you find within the larger area. 

“I’ve got like 330 hours in this game, and for the first time I guess ever I went back to camp while in the Blighted Village basements, and it has its own camp!?” ‘anxiousandqueer’ shared in a post on Reddit. 

“It’s different than the general cave one you get in other parts of the wilderness and it has such an interesting setup!” they continued. 

Players in the comments had found something similar in different areas too, with one mentioning that there’s a similar spot in Baldur’s Gate when you reach Act 3. 

“I learned the other day that you can have a camp at the docks when you get to the city–I’d gone straight to the Elfsong!” they explained. 

Fans did find that there seemed to be more of these special location camps in Act 1 compared to the others, though. Especially in Baldur’s Gate, where a lot of the areas you enter are hostile and you aren’t able to long rest. 

Nonetheless, many did not know that this was possible and were keen to try out camps in different locations to see what they an find. 

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