NICKMERCS fires back at claims that Warzone 2 is making him bad at Apex Legends

nickmercs and seer from Apex Legends

Since returning to Call of Duty with Warzone 2, NICKMERCS has been receiving criticism about his performance on Apex Legends.

After moving to Apex Legends towards the end of Warzone 1’s life span, NICKMERCS finally returned to CoD with Warzone 2, stating that he actually enjoys the game.

However, the streamer made it clear that it wouldn’t stop him from playing Apex Legends, as he continues to compete in competitive tournaments in hopes of reaching the ALGS Championship.

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Unfortunately, NICKMERCS has been receiving some criticism after playing Apex Legends since enjoying Warzone 2. People are claiming that Call of Duty’s battle royale is making him worse at Apex.

During his January 19, 2023 stream, NICKMERCS started playing some competitive scrimmage games of Apex legends with other pro teams. The session quickly became frustrating for Nick and his team, as they struggled in the lobby.

In response to the poor performance and criticism in his chat, NICKMERCS said “individually I feel like I’m not playing a bad set,” despite “not doing well as a team.”

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The streamer then says “if the quick, easy blame is oh Nick’s been playing CoD, I don’t know if that holds up.” Clearly, Nick feels as if he’s playing well, and that just because he’s been playing more Warzone 2 recently, doesn’t mean it’s affecting his performance on Apex.

Nick also admitted that he made mistakes, but makes it clear that it’s not because he’s been playing Call of Duty. NICKMERCS has already proven that he can compete with the best in Apex, and as he continues to play and lock in, there’s no doubt that he can do well.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / NICKMERCS

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