NICKMERCS praises Warzone 2 but claims it’s “ruined” by new mechanics

Nickmercs and Warzone 2 Observatory POI

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff was a top Warzone streamer before leaving to pursue Apex Legends competitively. While coming back to CoD every now and again, NICKMERCS tried out Warzone 2 and although he had praise, certain mechanics “ruined” the experience.

NICKMERCS famously left Warzone behind a couple of months before Caldera, lamenting its lack of a ranked mode, cheating problems, and his dislike of WWII as a setting. After making the switch to competitive Apex Legends, Caldera couldn’t bring him back, and it’s taken him a couple of weeks to jump into Warzone 2.

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Nick dropped into Warzone 2 with his original squad of TimTheTatman, Swagg, and Cloakzy, and he admitted he liked the game a lot more than he thought he would. However, he feels certain mechanics stop it from reaching its true potential.

“I think it’s got a pretty good core, man. It’s actually a lot better than I thought it was,” said NICKMERCS. “But like I’m saying, all the beauty that it could be is really ruined, in my opinion, when you start adding bots and you make the TTK so f**king quick. It’s so quick, you blink and you’re dead. That’s crazy.”

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He’s not a fan of the “stupid” backpack looting system either: “It’s got this like PUBG, H1-esque kinda thing going on. Come on man, why? Leave that sh*t back there bro.”

While he doesn’t like the AI or time to kill, he thinks “the map kinda played out nicely, and the map looks good too. It feels good.”

NICKMERCS concluded that Warzone 2 is “definitely not trash” but a few of the new mechanics sour the experience for him.

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With Nick’s focus on competitive Apex, you shouldn’t expect him to make a permanent switch to Warzone 2 anytime soon, but he’s been playing with the original squad during the holidays so we might see him play more through 2023.

Season 2 is set to release on February 1, so we might see the Verdansk squad reunite to see what changes Raven Software have made.

Image Credit: Under Armour / Activision

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