Heavily requested in-game damage tracker coming to Apex Legends in Season 8

Liam Mackay

The long-requested in-game damage tracker will be coming to Apex Legends early in Season 8, as confirmed by a senior developer.

For as long as Apex Legends has existed, players have been knocking on Respawn Entertainment’s door begging for an in-game damage tracker to be added to the game. After a match, players can see their elimination count and total damage, but can’t see their damage in-game.

Although kills are an important stat, damage values reveal who actually put in the work for that elimination. Overwatch has an in-game damage tracker, so Apex fans want this feature added to their game too.

Respawn confirmed in October that they were working on the in-game damage tracker, with Design Director Jason McCord saying, “it’s on a list!”

After months of begging and pleading from Apex Legends fans, McCord confirmed that the damage tracker is in sight.

Damage tracker coming in Season 8

On December 30, McCord asked fans if they could wait “one more week” for the tracker to be added before saying he spoke too soon.

Lifeline in Apex Legends

“Didn’t make the cutoff for this patch,” he said, then confirmed the damage tracker “should be in S8.”

So there it is! Fans only have a couple of months left to wait with Apex Legends Season 7 set to end in early February 2021.

The developers have also confirmed that Legend Wraith will be adjusted in the next season.

Potential issues with the in-game tracker

However, a Reddit user brought up how the tracker could do more harm than good for Apex Legends. “This would drive dysfunctional behavior,” said user SeymourDoggo. Players would, consciously or otherwise, “chase damage numbers instead of trying to win the game.”

Apex Legends Season 7

Another user who also plays Overwatch said that it leads to toxicity. Players will make fun of underperforming teammates based on their damage count. But with an elimination counter already being available, it probably wouldn’t change much. Toxic players will always be toxic, you just have to mute and move on.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment