MW3 players desperate for “brilliant” camo tracker concept

Max Candelarezi
MW3 multiplayer camos

Despite the multiple quality-of-life improvements that the SHG team brought to MW3, a player shared a “brilliant” camo tracker concept that players have praised and are desperate to see added to the game.

MW3 Season 1 is fully underway and with the release of the mid-season update approaching, many players continue to level up their weapons and unlock all the camos in the game to be prepared for the new content.

However, many have noticed the challenge of keeping track of multiplayer and Zombies camo progress while grinding for them. To address this issue, Reddit user ‘ygorhpr’ has shared a camo tracker which users immediately praised.

“Since I’m doing zombie camo challenge and can’t track it in the match I did this mockup to imagine how this feature would be,” the OP said. Given the “brilliant” quality the concept has, several players believed that it was already available within the game: “Thought this was real, just went into a game to try it ffs.”

“I wish, literally last night while grinding I kept asking myself ‘when is this thing going to pop up’ and while it eventually did, it would be so much easier to just have a camo tracker on a menu,” another user expressed.

MW3 players love the camo tracker concept so much, that many stated they would actually “attempt the camo grind.” A user called players to “upvote OP’s post” and another one added they should be “optimistic” as SHG “tends to listen to the community more than the other two [Infinity Ward and Treyarch].”

However, it remains uncertain whether SHG intend to introduce quality-of-life updates, like the camo tracker concept into MW3, to enhance the grinding experience.

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