Dr Disrespect viewers feel streamer crossed the line with Apex Legends joke

Joseph Pascoulis
dr disrespect apex legends

Some of Dr Disrespect’s viewers are disappointed with a joke about a “serious medical condition” that the streamer made during an Apex Legends stream.

Apex Legends has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few seasons, with more people playing Apex Legends than ever.

The great flow of content is partly the cause for this popularity, as Season 13 is set to arrive soon, but also the support of popular streamers such as NICKMERCS.

Another content creator has also been playing Apex Legends, but their experience has led to a joke that many are finding slightly insensitive.

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Herschel Beahm is known for his comedy and outrageous streamer personality known as Dr Disrespect. The character is often found raging in streams, usually playing Call of Duty games like Warzone.

Having said that, as well as working on his own FPS game, Dr Disrespect seems to be taking a break from Warzone and Call of Duty. The streamer has been playing Apex Legends instead during recent streams.

Unfortunately, the streamer has offended some of his fans, as a recent joke regarding one of the game’s mechanics has led to some controversy.

During a stream on YouTube after being banned from Twitch, Dr Disrespect started to spam the Knockdown Shield, which creates a flashing effect on screen. In response, Dr Disrespect begins to act as if he’s having a seizure due to the flashing.

The streamer says in the tweet “Apex gave me a seizure,” which obviously isn’t true, but rather intended to be a joke. While some have found the funny side of this risky joke, some who are closer to the medical condition feel as though he’s crossed a line.

One comment said: “I know this is fake, but seizures are horrific.” Another comment sarcastically replied “Ahahaha soooo funny to mime a serious medical condition. I can’t stop laaaauuugggghhhhiiiing.”

Although Dr Disrespect isn’t trying to offend people, it’s still a pretty risky joke to make on stream and later Tweet about.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment