Best Apex Legends Storm Point landing spots for Season 13

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends storm point

Respawn’s battle royale will be getting a brand-new map very soon, and for those eager to gain some early knowledge, we’ve compiled some of the best Apex Legends Storm Point landing spots for Season 13.

The Apex Legends Season 13 update has made things very interesting with all the new changes, especially to ranked.

As well as a shift in the Legend meta thanks to Newcastle‘s introduction, and a change in the best weapons to use due to all the buffs and nerfs, Season 13 also brought changes to Storm Point.

Here are the best Apex Legends Storm Point landing spots for those looking to get off to a good start in Season 13.

apex legends storm point

As the first split of the Ranked Leagues will be played on Storm Point for Season 13, players may be wondering which locations are best to land at.

The following are POIs we feel will provide players with the best loot and rotation, but beware, as you may be contested.

Best Apex Legends Storm Point landing spots


apex legends storm point barometer

First off, we have Barometer, which is one of the largest POIs on Storm Point. Barometer will be an excellent drop for those more offensive teams, as it’s one of the main attractions on the map.

Barometer has more than enough loot for a full squad while also being in a great position on the map, relatively isolated from other locations, so you don’t have to worry so much about third parties pulling up.

North Pad

north pad storm point

North Pad is a great spot for teams to land as it has a crazy amount of loot. The whole squad can land here and get enough loot, and it’s also a great position on the map.

Anyone pushing you at this location will be easy to fight as well, as North Pad holds a strong position in the surrounding area, which is pretty flat and has a lack of cover.

New to Season 13 is the IMC Armories, and their introduction also makes North Pad a strong landing, as there is one located just outside of the POI. Looting the whole of North Pad and then completing the Armory will have you set for the rest of the match.


apex legends storm point shipfall

On the opposite side of the map, we have Shipfall, which is the furthest south POI on Storm Point. This is a great landing spot as it will give you and your team some time to loot up, maybe kill some wildlife for loot and Evo Shields, and then progress.

Shipfall is great for the teams looking for a lot of loot but are also cautious of landing with too many teams, with Barometer taking some of its shine.

It also offers a great rotation on the Eastern side of the map, offering paths to Gale Station and Fish Farm with a nearby Trident.

The Downed Beast

apex legends diving into storm point

The Downed Beast is the new Season 13 POI added to Storm Point by Respawn. This is one of the best spots in the game as it guarantees great loot in the middle of the huge dead sea monster.

There are also plenty of looting spots around the beast, allowing all members of the squad to get their fair share of loot. Further, It’s also a great spot to get looted and then head towards a nearby fight, which is a good strategy for getting kills in Ranked.

For more, make sure you check out our guide on the best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 13.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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