Apex Legends TDM Unshielded Deadeye LTM explained

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends rampart holding her shiela ultimate minigun

Here’s how the new Apex Legends TDM Unshielded Deadeye LTM will play out when it arrives with the Veiled Collection Event in Season 16.

Apex Legends Season 17 is on the horizon, and the dev’s slip-up just might have revealed the new Legend early. Despite player excitement regarding the new season, Respawn have revealed yet another Collection Event for Season 16.

The Veiled Collection Event will bring some exciting new content to Apex Legends, including Caustic’s Prestige skin. As well as this special skin with a new 24 collection of cosmetics, players are also being treated to a new LTM, which puts a spin on TDM.

For those interested in the new Apex Legends TDM Unshielded Deadeye LTM, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Apex Legends Unshielded Deadeye LTM details

TDM Unshielded Deadeye will put Apex Legends‘ player’s aim to the test. The rules are the same as TDM, the first team to 50 kills wins, but the mode will feature three “rotating loadouts” that will be randomly given to players each match to test their shot.

Here are the possible loadouts players can get in the LTM:

  • Wingman & 30-30 Repeater
  • Hemlock & G7 Scout
  • Kraber & Sentinel

As you can see from the weapons above, they’re mostly semi-automatic guns, with the burst Hemlock being the exception. These will no doubt test your shot, to see if you’re worthy of the deadeye title.

To make the LTM even more interesting, Care Packages have been turned off and there are no shields or helmets, meaning that players will be taken down in one or two shots.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment