Apex Legends Ranked: Legacy split dates, Season 8 results & rewards

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apex legends legacy ranked

As Season 8 comes to a close, Apex Legends developers have officially announced the Ranked Leagues rewards, results, and split dates for Legacy.

Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues is the competitive playground for those serious about the free-to-play battle royale. At the end of each season, players get to see what kind of rewards they will be receiving based on their rank and where they place in terms of the percentage of players.

We already know the new Infested Olympus will be featured in the second split of Legacy’s ranked season, but now we have the official dates for the split.

Infested Olympus Legacy Ranked

Apex Legends Legacy ranked split dates

Lastly, Respawn Entertainment also revealed the split dates for the ranked season in Legacy: “World’s Edge is back for the first split, which ends June 15, 2021.  The second split takes us to Olympus, where the remainder of the season will play out.”

Apex Legends Ranked Leagues: Season 8 Results

Respawn has released the percentage distribution of players with more than five hours of game time in Ranked Leagues, and they are as follows:

  • 17.87% Bronze
  • 17.86% Silver
  • 31.84% Gold
  • 26.16% Platinum
  • 5.86% Diamond
  • 0.4% Master & Predator

It seems this season was very successful in getting enough players to fill lobbies for each bracket, without the need to put lower ranks in higher ranked lobbies and visa versa.

Respawn even dubbed this Season as their “most successful ranked season yet, with some days nearing 50% of all matches being played in ranked.” Respawn also saw many players returning from the first split to continue their ranked grind, making Season 8 a great outing overall.

Season 8 Ranked rewards

Apex Legends Ranked rewards

The image above is all of the rank rewards you will receive based on your rank. No matter what rank you achieved in Ranked Leagues, all players who participated will receive a badge that they can equip on their player banner, which are the badges above the Dive Trails, from Bronze to Apex Predator.

The Apex Ranked Leagues’ Dive Trails are on a 4 season rotation, so these are the same Dive Trails as the Season 4 ones plus the Diamond trail. Players who achieved these ranks will have to equip the Dive Trail in the home menu when Legacy starts on May 4th.

Players will also receive Charms for their weapons depending on their achieved rank, all of which can be seen in @Shrugtal’s tweet below.

There will be no major format changes or RP changes for Legacy’s Ranked Leagues season.

For more on Apex Legends and the new Legacy season, check out our article on the white armor change in Season 9 and stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for updates.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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