Apex Legends players want Respawn to stop adding “lazy” new Legends every season

Nathan Warby
Seer and Mad Maggie Apex Legends

Apex Legends has received a steady stream of new playable Legends with each passing season, but players feel now is the time for Respawn to focus on other areas of the game.

Respawn have been fleshing out the roster of characters in Apex Legends ever since Season 1. The original lineup of eight has grown into a huge gallery of 20 Legends, with a new face coming alongside each new season.

Season 11 added Ash, while Season 12 introduced Mad Maggie, who after the initial hype, has seen her popularity slip in recent weeks.

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With Apex Legends Season 13 on the horizon, players are calling for a break in the release of Legends, urging Respawn to focus its resources on other aspects of the battle royale.

apex legends mad maggie

Twitter user Mirage Main kickstarted the discussion, arguing that a brand new Legend every three months or so is too much. “They’re starting to feel lazy,” said the player. “In my opinion, they should focus more on maps/modes/events/.”

The debate continued on the official Apex subreddit, where other players suggested that key areas of the game are paying the price for new characters in every season.

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“I couldn’t agree more, recent Legends feel like they were only added to be there, and not because of passion, which makes them feel almost like filler,” said one reply.

“I think Respawn should devote more time to tweaking the current Legends,” argued another player. “Pathfinder still doesn’t have a passive.”

A suggestion from apexzoner would see the devs switch up their focus every season. “From the start they should have alternated between a new weapon, character, or mode each season, just to lighten the load. Would be happy if they tried that from now on.”

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Other responses called for Apex to offer the same diversity in maps as it does in Legends. Players have 20 characters to choose from in the game right now, but have to wait around three or four seasons for a new arena to explore.

It remains to be seen if Respawn will take notice of the community’s concerns, or if Season 13 will launch with yet another Legend to join the roster.

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