Apex Legends players furious as Mobile game gets Solos before PC and console

Hamza Khalid
Horizon in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Mobile has added the highly-requested solo game mode, but players are furious that it has not been confirmed for the PC and console versions of the battle royale title.

At its core, Apex Legends is a team-orientated game that encourages players to watch their squadmates’ backs and combine their Legends’ abilities for some powerful team combos. While Apex is a squad-based game, that hasn’t stopped the community from asking for a solo mode.

Now, this mode has finally arrived in Apex Legends Mobile, and players can drop into the battle royale title without needing to find teammates. However, the solo mode is not available across every platform.

Back in June, a solo mode was leaked for Apex Legends Mobile, and its arrival was finally confirmed in the Aftershow patch notes on October 3. According to the description, the mode features “just you and a map full of enemies fighting to be the Apex Champion.”

While this sounds exciting, the Apex Legends community is disappointed because the solo mode has not yet been confirmed for the PC and console versions of the game. It’s unclear if they’ll receive the playlist at any point in the near future.

This hasn’t sat well with fans, and many of them have expressed their frustration with this online. One user on Twitter claimed that the devs are “giving way more love to the mobile version than the main Apex Legends game.”

Other users were also upset that a solo playlist has been prepared for Apex Legends mobile but not on other platforms. Back in Season 2, there was a limited-time solos mode during the Iron Crown event.

Another player brought this LTM up and claimed that the developers were testing it out, but they decided not to bring it back because it’s a team-based game. The user then added that despite this, the “Mobile team has no issue with it.”

A few players in the thread praised the Mobile team for bringing this feature to the portable handheld version of the game. They even called for Respawn Entertainment to let them work on the PC and console versions.

One fan tweeted: “Can we please let the Mobile team make the normal game? They have so many different modes on top of other features we’ve been begging Respawn for since release.”

Even players that aren’t fans of Apex Legends Mobile were impressed by the decision to add a solo playlist. One of the replies claimed that the game is “100% worse on mobile” but has content that’s lacking in the other versions.

They explained that the Movile version has got “the best skins and the best modes which PC [players] have been asking for for years.”

While a large number of players were frustrated about this, a few defended the decision to bring a permanent solo mode to Apex Legends Mobile first. One user’s argument was that mobile phones are the ideal platform for this game mode.

According to this player: “Mobiles are mostly used on the go and are mostly a solo player device, while PC and console are the opposite.” They explained that this was an “obvious” design choice by the devs.

There were a variety of opinions on this matter, but one that’s clear is that the Apex Legends community wants Respawn to include this solo mode across all platforms. At the time of writing, it remains to be seen if they have plans to do this.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment