All Apex Legends Firing Range changes in Season 17: New area, 1v1 pit, more

bangalore in the new apex legends season 17 firing range

The Firing Range in Apex Legends will be unrecognizable in Season 17, as the devs have given the area a massive overhaul, including a 1v1 pit, new area, and more.

There’s a lot to look forward to in Apex Legends Season 17, as not only will players be getting a new Legend to shake up the meta, but there will also be extensive changes to World’s Edge and even the Firing Range.

The Firing Range has been part of Apex Legends since 2019 and despite ongoing updates and changes, it has mostly remained the same.

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However, that’s all set to change now as the Season 17 update is revolutionizing the way in which players train and improve their skills in the free-to-play game, as the Firing Range is undergoing a massive overhaul.

For those interested, here are all of the details.

The Apex Legends Season 17 overhauled Firing Ranges brings a load of new features.

New Apex Legends Season 17 Firing Range details

There are many great new features coming to the Firing Range in Apex Legends Season 17, including the ability for players to join sessions that are already in-progress. More obviously, the Firing Range has a completely new area.

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New town area

The Apex Legends Firing Range in Season 17 is getting a brand new, totally overhauled space. Players will find new combat options, as the dummies will now fire back at players, as well as that simulate the game’s map POIs. The Firing Range will feature town so that players can practice in buildings with doors, windows, and more.

1v1 Pit

There will also be a 1v1 pit where players can fight each other in a dedicated space. Players have been asking for something like this for a while, so it’s great to see the devs including something community-requested.

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Dedicated Movement area

Talking about community-requested Firing Range features, the new Apex Legends Season 17 Firing Range will also feature an area where players can practice movement techniques such as wall bouncing and sliding.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment