How to enable low gravity Firing Range mode in Apex Legends

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends firing range

For those who are looking to take a break from Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale grind and have some fun in the Firing Range with friends, this is how you can enable low gravity in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends can be a very competitive game, especially if you’re into grinding Ranked Leagues, but public lobbies can sometimes feel overwhelmingly sweaty.

If you’ve had enough of the competitiveness and coming across teams who look like they’re in the ALGS, perhaps it’s time to have some fun in the Firing Range.

Apex Legends valkyrie using jetpack

Apex Legends’ Firing Range is home to a vast amount of secrets, including a third-person mode, and even a mode where the standstill bots start moving and shooting back at you.

These modes were clearly put into the Firing Range by the devs, as they require specific steps to activate them. This low gravity mode, however, is more of a glitch, and only possible thanks to Valkyrie.

Upon Valkyrie’s arrival into the Apex Games, players noticed a glitch where the Legend would feel weightless after jetpacking and interacting with a zip-line. The low gravity mode in Firing Range is essentially this same feeling, but with a simple trick you can use it on any Legend and it lasts even after touching the ground.

How to activate low gravity in Apex Legends

valkyrie apex legends

Despite not being available for a while, the low gravity mode is back in the Firing Range in time for Season 12.

  1. First off, head to the Firing Range and play as Valkyrie.
  2. Next, fly into the air with her jetpack and let her fuel run out.
  3. As soon as her fuel runs out, quickly change Legend mid-air.
  4. If done successfully, after you have fallen, you should have low gravity enabled.

We recommend trying Pathfinder with this low gravity mode, as using his grapple with zero gravity is even more riveting than before, especially if you throw some Octane Launch Pads down too.

This low gravity mode has actually reminded players of a similar glitch in Titanfall 2, whereby using the Northstar Titan, players could get out while it was hoovering and low gravity would be enabled.

This is either a coincidence due to the same developers and game code, or this was actually left in the game as an ode to Valkyrie’s father’s Titan, the Northstar.

Either way, it’s great fun and an awesome way to mess around with friends in the Firing Range, especially while you’re waiting for new content like the Control LTM.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment