Apex Legends players can break out of Season 15 map teaser to explore new POIs

Joseph Pascoulis
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Apex Legends players have discovered a way to break out of the “New Home” teaser, allowing players to explore the map further.

Apex Legends‘ brand-new season is just around the corner. The community is finally getting new information on the season, including who the Season 15 Legend is and that the update will bring a new BR map.

As we edge closer to Apex Legends Season 15‘s launch, we will likely get even more information, with players even getting to see a sneak peek of the new moon map thanks to an in-game teaser.

This new teaser lets players get an early look at a portion of the new moon map coming in Season 15, restricting the space with barriers. However, it seems players have figured out a way to see more than the devs bargained for, as they have found a way past these barriers.

Unfortunately for the devs, players in the community have figured out a way to get over the barriers of the new map teaser and explore the moon map in more depth than the teaser allows.

Players figured out this glitch shortly after the teaser was released, using Revenant’s almost-unlimited climbing ability to break free and explore the new Apex Legends Season 15 moon map.

Reddit user Dailivel posted a clip of how to perform this glitch on the ApexUncovered subreddit, revealing how players can break free and explore the new map, saying “how to get out of bounds with Revenant in the new map teaser.”

Players have to manipulate the jump mechanic on a rock near the barrier to get their character to climb the wall. Then, players must perform a sketchy jump toward the map.

According to the OP, once you break free “You can explore the entire main PoI in the teaser,” but the teaser is “not the full map, since ground is missing in some places.”

For those who are unable to perform the glitch or would just rather wait, you can either watch someone else do it or wait until Apex Legends Season 15 launches on November 1 to explore the new map.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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