Apex Legends players believe niche Legend could be “extinct” next season as pick rate plummets

Joseph Pascoulis
crypto running in apex legends

Apex Legends players are worried that one of the Recon Legends could be extinct as early as next season due to their worryingly low pick rate.

Apex Legends has an abundance of characters to choose from, all with unique abilities and personalities. Sometimes, picking these Legends can be a difficult choice, especially for new players.

Every season a new Legend enters the Apex Games, with Season 14 bringing Vantage. This, as well as buffs and nerfs, can shake up the meta and leave other Legends in the dust.

Unfortunately, this is what players believe is going to happen to one of Apex Legends’ characters that was released all the way back in Season 3, Crypto.

The Apex Legends pick rates can reveal who the most popular Legends are in the game, with movement Legends like Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith often being among the top five picks.

Characters with a more niche kit like Crypto and Rampart can be seen towards the bottom end of the list, and some feel that Crypto could even be “extinct” as early as next season.

Reddit user GhostV2114 put a post up in the Apex Legends subreddit reacting to Crypto’s low pick rate, stating that “Next season Crypto mains will be extinct.”

Crypto’s pick rate is currently sitting at 1.2%, which is the lowest in the entire game. Crypto has gone through reworks to help make his kit more exciting and fun, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and the 7.8k upvotes on the post at the time of writing suggests that players agree.

Agreement can also be found in the comments, with one user saying “I notice when [people] choose crypto since NO one plays him.”

It’s unfortunate because it seems like some would like to play the character more due to his “cool” personality, but his kit is just not effective enough: “God he’s such a cool character I just wish he wasn’t so impossibly difficult to be effective with lmao.”

Perhaps Respawn will look to do something about his low pick rate, but since they have already attempted to make his kit more appealing in the past, it’s unclear what they could actually do to revive Crypto.

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