Apex Legends stats reveal best team comp used by ALGS Championship pros

Joseph Pascoulis
catalyst holding the rampage in apex legends

Wondering what Apex Legends characters the pros are using? The ALGS Championship gave fans a clear idea as three Legends dominated the pick rates in the esports tournament.

Apex Legends has an abundance of characters to choose from in Season 18, sitting at a whopping 24 Legends. Some combinations of Legends are better than others, with the meta picks usually being outlined in the season’s pick rates.

However, when it comes to the Apex Legends Global Series, it’s a chance for fans to see what the meta three-Legend composition is in the eyes of the pros.

This is exactly what the ALGS Championship 2023 showed players, as three Legends topped the pick rates for the esports tournament held from August 6 to August 10 in Birmingham, UK, and it may come as a bit of a surprise.

According to apexlegendsstatus, the most popular Apex Legends team composition in the ALGS Championship was Bangalore, Catalyst, and Horizon, which is the same comp that TSM used to win the tournament.

This composition was used by 43.24% of teams in the ALGS Championship, showing just how highly regarded these characters are when put together. It seems this tournament was big for Bangalore and Catalyst, as one or the other seemed to feature in pretty much every team comp seen in the tournament.

These characters aren’t at the top of the game’s pick rates, but the fact that pros are using them together must mean something. Clearly, these Legends together offer a dynamic team composition, with Bangalore and Catalyst offering some defense and crowd control, while Horizon offers aggression and mobility.

Further, Bangalore is being used to counter controller aim assist, which has been a dominant input in the ALGS Championship 2023. Bang’s smoke disables aim assist, which is a strong counter when fighting against any controller player.

Perhaps this comp will catch on outside of the ALGS, as players will certainly look to copy what the pros are doing, as at the end of the day, they know the game the best.

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