Apex Legends player finds hilarious zipline trap on Olympus

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends pathfinder on zipline

An Apex Legends player has found an absolutely genius zipline trap on Olympus that will have unsuspecting enemies falling off the map.

Apex Legends is known for having a variety of detailed battle royale maps with all types of great spots and locations to gain an advantage over the enemy.

We aren’t due for a new map any time soon, despite leaks revealing an unreleased BR map. New spots and tactics are still being found for the current maps, as one player has found a great zipline trap on Olympus.

apex legends olympus

Reddit user XennenOvO accidentally discovered a zipline trap on Olympus that sent an enemy team who were after them flying off the map in hilarious fashion.

The trap was found on the height that connects both Energy Depot and Hammond Labs, which is a fairly busy area in most games, meaning you may actually be able to pull this off often.

The play wasn’t intentional, as the clip shows the player simply just trying to get away from the opposition by using a zipline, which they do successfully. However, what happened once the enemies took the zipline was definitely unexpected.

As you can see from the clip, the player jumps off the zipline just before they reach the end, allowing them to mantle onto the high ground. Then, moments later, the opposition takes the same zipline but they stay on until it ends, which leaves them flying off past the height and straight over the railings.

This made for an absolutely hilarious clip as the player watches all three enemies take the zipline and get thrown straight off the map one after the other.

The funniest thing about the clip is that the enemy team was no doubt putting on more pressure and winning the fight, but this genius play left them in the dust.

As long as you have a Pathfinder on your team, you’ll definitely be able to re-enact this play, just make sure you and your teammates don’t end up flying off the map.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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