Apex Legends Kings Canyon returns in Season 9: Legacy

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Kings Canyon

The Apex Legends Genesis update sees the return of the original Kings Canyon map in Season 9: Legacy, giving those new players a chance to experience Season 0 Apex.

Along with a new Heirloom and collection of skins, the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event will also see the return of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge in their original forms.

To give players a break from Olympus, which did receive a slight update on Season 9’s release, players will finally be able to hop back into Kings Canyon, which has both old players and new players excited.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon

Apex Legends has been going through a bit of a “dry spell” as of recent, so it’s great to have some new content coming.

The Apex Legends Genesis patch will be dropping on June 29 at around 10 AM PST, with a host of changes detailed in the patch notes dropped early.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon returns

Apex Legends Kings Canyon

As well as weapon changes and Legend updates, players will once again be able to drop into an unchanged Kings Canyon, which will feature the extremely popular Skull Town. Not only will players be able to experience Skull Town in public games, but it will also be available in Arenas for those who enjoy the 3v3 mode.

It’s been a long time since players were able to experience the original Kings Canyon, and with the game in its ninth season, some players may have never even experienced it.

Kings Canyon has been through many changes since Season 0, introducing and replacing a variety of POIs over the seasons, like Season 8’s Caustic Treatment town take over of Water Treatment.

Kings Canyon will be in the rotation along with the original World’s Edge map from Season 3, which will also be a new experience for many. However, Kings Canyon was where it all started.

If you’re excited about the event and are thinking about purchasing the new Heirloom, check out our guide on how to get it for the best price.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment