Apex Legends gifting system in the works as dev reveals plans

Joseph Pascoulis
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Respawn Entertainment have plans to introduce a gifting system into Apex Legends, possibly allowing players to gift cosmetics.

Apex Legends players are set to get a heap of new content in the Season 14 update, from brand-new Legend Vantage to the Laser Sight attachment for SMGs and Pistols.

Respawn have been very transparent with the content and changes coming to the game, recently commenting on the reason Season 14 won’t be getting a new weapon.

As well as this, Respawn have also revealed their plans for a gifting system, which would bring a new way for players to enjoy cosmetics.

During the press event for Apex Legends Season 14, Design Director Evan Nikolich commented on bringing gifting into the game, claiming it is something that Respawn are “working on actively right now.”

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Gifting would allow players to pay for cosmetics and send them to another user to enjoy. This would be a great way for players to spread the excitement of skins, giving players a chance to give back to the community.

Despite the feature being in the works, Evan Nikolich does state that it’s a “more complex issue than just adding gifting,” as they have to “make it fair and give it the right motivation.”

Any paid content that comes into the game is often controversial among the community, especially items like Heirlooms and Prestige Skins which cost a significant amount of money to obtain.

It seems Respawn are taking steps to make sure that the gifting feature is “something that’s celebrated,” ensuring that the feature “doesn’t feel cheap or grindy.” In order to achieve this, Evan Nikolich states that it “takes time to dial in just right,” so don’t expect this feature to arrive in Season 14.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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