All major Apex Legends Firing Range changes in Season 16

Luca Di Marzo
Apex Legends Season 16 firing range

Apex Legends Season 16 will introduce a variety of changes to the Firing Range, so here’s what the devs revealed about the update.

The Apex Legends Season 16 update is right around the corner and to pique players’ excitement, the devs have started to uncover some of the new content making its way to the battle royale.

Instead of focusing on a new Legend or a new map, Season 16 of Apex Legends will focus on tuning gameplay and making adjustments that will propel the game into a new era.

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While a new Assault Rifle called the Nemesis is still expected, the changes to the Firing Range in Season 16 will surely have caught players’ eyes.

Apex Legends Firing Range Season 16 updates

The Apex Legends Season 16 update will arrive on February 14, but here’s what the devs had to say about updates to the Firing Range.

how to get better at apex legendsBig changes are in store for Apex Legends’ Firing Range in Season 16.

For starters, they confirmed that these changes would be the first set of many Firing Range updates that they have planned over the next few seasons.

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It’s likely that they’ll use feedback to adjust from their initial changes in Season 16, which include the following:

  • Dummies can be made to strafe
  • Control the speed, stance, and shield level of dummies
  • Dynamic stats with hit indicators to learn spray patterns
  • Unlimited ammo in the Firing Range

These tweaks will surely give Apex Legends more control over their Firing Range experience. All of the updates mentioned so far will provide more depth when practicing your aim and gun skill.

More control over the dummies including the ability to adjust speed and enable strafing will more accurately replicate an actual Apex Legends gunfight. This should allow players to better prepare for tense gunfights against other players.

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In addition, the inclusion of unlimited ammo is something that Apex Legends players have been desperate to see come to the Firing Range.

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