Apex Legends fan spots “Smart Pistol” in latest cinematic

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends smart pistol in SFTO

Respawn Entertainment recently dropped a brand new cinematic concerning Bangalore’s backstory, which may have actually revealed a new weapon coming to Apex Legends in the future.

Respawn Entertainment has consistently been putting out new content for players every new Apex Legends season. The past few seasons have introduced new weapons to the game, including the Bocek Bow, Rampage LMG, and the latest addition, the C.A.R SMG.

Despite one of these weapons doing more harm than ingenuity in the current state of the game, players are excited to see these new weapons enter the game.

In fact, a lot of these new weapons are often teased in trailers and dev streams prior to their release, and the recent Stories from the Outlands cinematic may have teased another.

pilot with smart pistol in Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands

Apex Legends has been going through a pretty dry second half of Season 11. Having said that, Respawn Entertainment decided to drop a new Stories from the Outlands cinematic over on their YouTube to give those who are invested in the game’s lore something to investigate.

These cinematics often provide interesting information about various Legends’ lore, as well as teasing future content.

One Reddit user has highlighted a part of the new cinematic that’s teasing a new model of the “Smart Pistol” from the Titanfall series.

This would make a lot of sense considering a lot of the new weapons that have entered the game over the past seasons have come from Respawn’s previous FPS game.

Some in the comments are even stating that the Smart Pistol could work as an ability for “a pilot characters ultimate,” perhaps Blisk.

As this is simply just a cinematic set during Bangalore’s experience during the Titanfall war, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt, as the devs have previously stated that the Smart Pistol wasn’t making its way into the game.

Having said that, you never know, it could return in the future as part of a new Legend’s kit.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment