Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds making a surprise return in Season 10: Emergence

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence is right around the corner, and it seems the developers have decided to bring back the popular Disruptor Rounds hop-up from Season 2.

Apex Legends developers finally gave players a deeper look at what to expect from Season 10 Emergence with a new gameplay trailer that showed off the new content.

From a brand new Battle Pass, map changes, and of course a new Legend, Apex Legends are going all out for Season 10, even bringing back an old favorite hop-up.

apex Legends season 10 valkyrie

Apex Legends revealed gameplay for their brand new season on July 26, revealing some interesting new developments on World’s Edge, as well as displaying Seer and his abilities.

With Season 10 set to arrive on August 3, Gamespot was lucky enough to gain early information on updates coming in the patch notes.

As well as some changes to Legends and weapons like the L-Star and EVA-8, it seems the developers also decided to switch up the care package weapons.

Starting from Season 10, players will now be able to find the Prowler on floor loot, being replaced by both the Spitfire and the Alternator.

Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds

Apex Legends disruptor rounds

However, the most interesting thing about this change is the fact that the Alternator will come equipped with the Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds, the infamous hop-up from Season 2 that was removed in Season 3 due to how strong it was.

Originally the Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds were also available for the RE-45 as well as the Alternator. However, it seems they will only be coming back for the Alternator, which will exclusively be in the care package.

For those unfamiliar with how the Apex Legends Disruptor Rounds actually work, this hop-up gives the Alternator a damage increase to enemy shields, which was around 1.5x more damage back when they were introduced in Season 2.

Although Disruptor Rounds were fairly controversial when they arrived in Apex Legends, due to their powerful nature, now that it will only be available in a care package weapon, perhaps players won’t feel as hard done, especially as not everyone will be able to pick it up.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Kiril Charysnykov