Apex Legends devs confirm they are working on changes for “hated” Kraber Sniper Rifle

Hamza Khalid
Bloodhound with Kraber rifle

One Apex Legends developer has confirmed that Respawn are aware of the issues with the Kraber Sniper Rifle and are working on changes to make it less hated.

Apex Legends features extremely powerful weapons that you can use to cause some pain, and the Kraber Sniper Rifle is a notable pick because of its ability to eliminate full-health opponents in just one shot.

This weapon has been extremely controversial, with many in the Apex Legends community calling for Respawn Entertainment to remove it from Ranked play. Now, one developer has confirmed some changes for the Kraber.

Wattson in Apex Legends

Respawn producer Josh Medina responded to a tweet complaining about the Kraber Sniper Rifle on March 11. The Apex Legends developer wrote: “We are trying to make you hate the Kraber less, I promise.”

This means that Respawn are currently working on changes for the powerful weapon in response to the hate it has received within the community. Josh then asked players how they would change the Kraber without nerfing its damage or removing it.

There are a few alternative options that the developers can try out when changing the Kraber, such as altering the weapon’s care package spawn rate or even just removing it from Ranked play.

A few players made some suggestions of their own for changing the weapon, such as making the Kraber’s sight removable, reducing the ammunition, or adding a glare effect when using it from a distance.

Since Josh asked players how they would prefer the weapon to be altered, it’s likely that Respawn’s changes for the Kraber are in their early stages, and we might have to wait a while before they’re implemented.

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