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Apex Legends

How to play Apex Legends on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck allows players to play a wide variety of games portably, including the popular battle royale Apex Legends.



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For those with Steam’s portable gaming device, the Steam Deck, you may be interested in finding out how you can play Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale Apex Legends.

Since releasing in February 2022, the gaming community has been getting to grips with Steam’s new portable gaming device called the Steam Deck, which is essentially a mini gaming PC.

The powerful portable console boasts a host of games through Steam, and just recently even Apex Legends became playable on the device. For those interested in how to play Apex on the Steam Deck and seeing some gameplay, here’s our guide.

How to play Apex Legends on the Steam Deck

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Despite not being able to run the game since release, as of March 1 the game can now be enjoyed on the Steam Deck. Playing Apex Legends on the Steam Deck is as simple as downloading it from your Steam library and booting the game up.

In a recent Twitter post from Cary Golomb, gameplay was shown of Apex Legends running on the Steam Deck, and although it’s a short clip, it seems the battle royale runs pretty smoothly on the device.

Some players in the comments of Cary’s post are even comparing Apex Legends on the Steam Deck to the Nintendo Switch, stating that the Switch version of the game is much worse: “I actually play apex on switch and i can say for sure it looks rlly bad compared to other versions”

Although it may not be as easy to play, the Steam Deck does seem to run the game quite smoothly. You probably won’t be reaching crazy frame rate, but a steady 60 FPS is more than enough to enjoy the game portably and battle it out on the move.

Further, players have more than enough buttons on the Steam Deck to play the game effectively, or they can even connect their preferred controller.

Well, there you have it, that’s how you can play Apex Legends on the Steam Deck. For more, check out our piece on Apex Legends on mobile.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Steam