Apex Legends dev teases special LTM with base characters and classic Kings Canyon map

Joseph Pascoulis
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An Apex Legends dev is teasing the community with questions regarding a new LTM that would bring the OG Kings Canyon map, base characters and weapons, as well as day one stats.

With the Control LTM being removed from the game now that the Warriors Collection Event has ended in Apex Legends Season 12, it seems the devs already have new content on their minds.

With all the content that’s set to release in Season 13, including a new Legend and Storm Point map update, players could also be getting a new LTM that will have OG players reminiscing.

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apex legends OG kings canyon

While we have seen some aspects of the OG Apex Legends experience return in the past, like the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event back in Season 9, which brought the original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps back to the game, we are yet to see it return as an LTM.

While it was great to see the original maps, it would be even better to have the base characters and weapons all with their original stats from Season 0 of Apex Legends.

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This idea is exactly what Apex Legends dev Conor Ford has proposed to the community over on Twitter, creating a poll that asks: “would anyone ever like to see an OG Apex LTM from @PlayApex ? Base Characters and day one weapons only on OG King’s Canyon? Day one weapon stats as well.”

This would see the return of the Wingman and R-99 combo, prior to the significant nerfs over the twelve seasons of Apex. This would also see Wraith at her best, despite still being one of the most popular Legends in the game.

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At the time of writing this article, the poll is strongly in favor of this hypothetical LTM coming to the game, as 91.3% of the 27,455 votes have gone for “yes please.”

This has also opened up ideas from the community for other LTMs in Apex Legends, as one of the comments states that they would like to see “more fun ltms” like a “gun game LTM” from the Call of Duty franchise or even “Wingman only.”

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We’ll have to wait and see what Respawn Entertainment does when it comes to new LTMs, but since Control was such a hit with the player base, it’s likely we’ll see more of the same in the future.

If you’re interested in possible LTMs that could be coming to Apex Legends, check out everything we know about Apex Legends on mobile, which has exclusive game modes that could be seen in the console and PC versions in the future.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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