Apex Legends dev teases major surprises in Season 9

Hamza Khalid

With Apex Legends Season 7 underway, Respawn Game Director Chad Grenier talked about some of their plans for Season 8 and hinted at some major surprises for Season 9.

Apex Legends Season 7 has brought a ton of new content since it went live on November 4. This includes the extravagant map of Olympus, which has won over fans. However, there have also been problems such as game-breaking bugs that have plagued the community.

In spite of this, we’ve been hoping to find out what Respawn devs have planned, as they’re working on multiple seasons in advance. This means in addition to news about the upcoming Season 8, we’ll also hear updates about what they’re doing for other future updates.

Game Director Chad Grenier spoke with IGN about their progress on the upcoming season. During this interview, he made it clear that they also have something special planned for Season 9, and we should be excited.

“Amazing” Apex Legends Season 8

Grenier discussed the progress made on Season 8, and he was proud of the work that Respawn has put into it. Working from home hasn’t lessened the team’s resolve, as they strive to make the coming season into something amazing.

“I would love to just talk about all of it, because I’m so excited. Season 8 is shaping up to be amazing, it’s just great, and almost entirely done working from home.”

Major surprises in Apex Legends Season 9

The developer also talked about Season 9. He sounded particularly excited when discussing it, and teased some big surprises in the future.

“Season 9 is also going to be great, really looking forward to it. In Season 9, you’re going to see some major things that you did not expect. So it’s just a really exciting time right now.”

You can hear this from the man himself in the interview below.

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The surprises he hinted at could be many things. We might get more non-BR modes similar to the Winter Express LTM, as they’ve expressed interest in doing this before. There could also be other potential additions such as new PvE modes, Legends and abilities.

Another possibility is an expansion to Olympus or a brand new map altogether. The latter is far less probable since we only recently got this new map. Changing to a new area this quickly would not sit well with fans.

We will most likely see brand new vehicles, cosmetics, and structures as part of the update. However, When it comes to hearing about any new game modes, we’ll have to wait a while before that happens. The team is also working on Seasons 10 and 11 at the moment, so they have their work cut out for them.

Gameplay of Apex Legends Season 7

Difficulties for Respawn Entertainment

Grenier also touched upon the difficulties faced by Respawn during this challenging year. They have managed to work on the game in spite of these obstacles and hinted at many great ideas that they plan to add.

“Despite all the working from home challenges, we’ve hit a stride, and we’ve figured a lot of the things out about how to work together and how to build great content. And there’s no shortage of great ideas in our studio.”

It seems the developers have a lot of exciting surprises planned for Apex Legends fans in the future. Hopefully, we’ll hear more details soon, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment