Apex Legends dev responds to calls for ability-switching LTM

Liam Mackay

After an Apex Legends fan pitched an LTM idea where each legends’ abilities are swapped, a developer responded explaining why it would take a ton of work.

Apex Legends has included several limited-time modes (LTMs) since its launch in 2019. We’ve been able to play Apex in 3rd person perspective, as well as play as DUMMIEs in the Grand Soirée event at the beginning of the year.

With the Holo-Day bash, there is currently the Winter Express LTM where squads must fight for control over a moving train.

There’s a bizarre bug in the game right now where legend’s character models have been swapped. A stunned Reddit user had Gibraltar grapple onto them, using Pathfinder’s ability.

An Apex Legend fan has pitched a new LTM idea to Respawn that’s likely inspired by this glitch.

Ability-Switch LTM

Twitter user @AriES_3271 asked Jason McCord, the Design Director at Respawn, what they think of an LTM where legend abilities are randomized. For example, Lifeline would have Horizons Ultimate and Bangalores Tactical. She suggested this mode would be well suited for April Fool’s Day.

McCord responded by saying this would be more difficult than it sounds. “Each legend has specific animations tied to their body geo,” he explained. “Bangalores smoke for example is shot out of a mechanical launcher that someone like Octane just doesn’t have.”

“Every character would need to be adjusted to work with every ability,” McCord continued. “Tons of work.”

Although this would take a lot of work, Respawn has put a lot of work into LTMs in the past. For the Halloween events, Shadowfall and Shadow Royale, the developers created entirely new mechanics for the ‘Shadows.’

McCord neither confirmed or denied the possibility of this new mode, but following his words, don’t expect the LTM to be in the game any time soon.