Apex Legends Season 12 Control LTM: How to play, start & end date, maps, more

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends season 12 control ltm

Apex Legends is finally getting a brand new LTM in Season 12 called Control, here are all the details.

A new season of Apex Legends is approaching, bringing various updates to the game in the patch notes. From changes to weapons, a new Legend, and a massive nerf for Caustic, Apex Legends will no doubt feel different in Season 12.

One of the most highly anticipated updates coming in Season 12 is the brand new LTM Control, which brings a brand new way to play.

apex legends control mode

Players have been calling for Respawn to add a more team-based, unlimited respawns game mode for some time now.

Since players found out that the Mobile version of Apex had its own Team Deathmatch mode, there has been speculation that the console and PC versions would also be getting something similar.

Now, we finally have confirmation that Season 12 will be bringing a new LTM called “Control,” bringing a new way to play the battle royale game.

Apex Legends Control start & end date

The new Control LTM will be available in Apex from the start of Season 12 on February 8 all the way until March 1.

The LTM will span the first three weeks of Season 12 but there is heavy speculation that this period is a playtest for the mode, with the intention of tweaking and bringing it back permanently in the future.

How does Control work?

apex legends control mode

Control pits two teams of nine against each other in a battle for three objective points. These objective points are marked as A, B, C, and will have a flag in the area to indicate its position.

Players will gain points for their team while holding these points, much like in Call of Duty’s Domination game mode. There is a score limit of 1250, so the first team to reach this will win.

Further, if a team is able to control all three zones for a certain amount of time, they will win the game immediately, this is called “Lockout.” There are also unlimited respawns and the ability to respawn back on an owned point, or your team’s home base.

There will also be Timed Events that involve Capture bonuses for a certain objective zone, giving teams the chance for more points. In addition, players will have the opportunity to grab powerful weapons from air drops that land on the map.


apex legends control loadouts

In Apex Legends’ Control, you will select a loadout from a variety of options. These options have two weapons and one ordnance.

  • Close-quarters
    • Prowler, Peacekeeper, & Grenade
  • Heavy
    • L-Star, Mozambique, & Grenade
  • Assault
    • R-301, P2020, & Grenade
  • Marksman
    • 30-30 Repeater, Eva-8, & Thermite
  • Sniper
    • Wingman, Longbow, & Arc Star

Players will queue in squads of three for this mode, teaming up with two other full squads. This means you could potentially have three of the same Legend on a team, which the gameplay trailer reveals when two Pathfinders team up and swing towards the enemy.

Ratings Legend

apex legends control ratings legend

Another feature in Control is Ratings Legend. This is essentially a point system associated with an individual player’s performance on the scoreboard. Capture objectives and gain kills to increase your rating.

As your rating goes through the tiers of blue, purple, and gold, you will earn more powerful weapons and also you’re Legend’s Ultimate ability. Dying unfortunately resets this, so keep your wits about you!

Apex Legends Control maps

apex legends storm point barometer

For the first iteration of this new LTM, there will be two maps available to play on. These maps are POIs taken from the game’s maps.

  • Barometer – Storm Point
  • Hammond Labs – Olympus

Well, there you have it, that’s everything there is to know about the upcoming Season 12 LTM Control. For more, check out the new change in Season 12 that was highly requested by fans.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment