Apex Legends: Best way to spend credits in Arenas

Apex Legends Arenas

Apex Legends Legacy update is finally here, and players are just starting to get to grips with the new Arenas mode. In this guide, we’ll take you through the best ways to spend your credits in the Arena.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy update has brought a huge amount of content to the game, becoming the biggest update since release. Players were clearly excited to play the update, with EA even experiencing some server issues, which prevented players from getting through the menu screen.

However, once the servers came back online, players were finally able to enjoy Valkyrie, Infested Olympus, the Bocek Bow, and of course, Arenas.

Apex Legends Arenas shop

What is Apex Legends Arenas?

Arenas is a 3v3 round-based mode where Legends must purchase weapons, cosmetics, and even abilities from a shop in the prematch area.

The prematch shop is open for 30 seconds, so make sure you know what your buying and don’t enter the battlefield empty-handed.

How to spend your first round credits

Apex Legends Arenas weapons

In the first round, all players will receive 550 credits, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. Players can either purchase cheap weapons, heals, or even save some money for later rounds.

We recommend you start off by purchasing a weapon like an Alternator or G7 Scout, depending on what your playstyle is. These weapons are both fairly strong as well as reasonably cheap, especially the G7 which is only 350 credits.

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After you have a weapon sorted, you can then think about purchasing some meds. The healable we recommend is a Shield Battery, but if you purchased a G7 you’ll be able to buy a Med Kit as well.

Don’t worry too much about upgrading weapons or purchasing abilities in the first round, focus more on the fundamentals, getting a good gun so that you can defend yourself in the early rounds.

Best purchases for later rounds in Arenas

Apex Legends Arenas upgrades

In the later rounds, you should have enough money to buy a weapon of your choice and upgrade it. The most expensive weapons include the Charge Rifle, R-301, and the Bocek Bow. These are definitely worth getting, especially the Charge Rifle and the Bow if you are hitting your shots.

Its best to get both close range and long distance covered, a good load out we’ve been having success with is the Volt and the Bocek Bow. This combo is great for all ranges, and if you have enough to upgrade both, you could even get Shatter Caps on the Bow which acts similarly to a shotgun.

You could also purchase your Ultimate ability, which depending on the Legend your using, could win you the round.

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Ultimately, you’ll need to figure out what weapons you like choosing for how many credits you have, picking cheaper weapons at the start, eventually working your way to a fully upgraded loadout, especially if you hit a deadlock.

Apex Legends Arenas deadlock

You’ll also need to take your playstyle into account. If you and your team like to get the crafting materials every round, you may have enough to get an upgraded weapon earlier, or if your team likes to get the care package that spawns with kitted weapons, you will be able to purchase more abilities and meds.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment