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Apex Legends Season 9 “Japan Legacy” collection event leaked

Apex Legends next collection event has been leaked revealing a Japanese theme and some content that will no doubt catch the eyes of players.



apex legends collection event

Apex Legend dataminers have discovered the next collection event players will see in Season 9: Legacy, revealing the theme and some of the content we will be seeing.

It seems odd to already be thinking about the next big event for Apex Legends, especially as we just got the Legacy update which introduced Arenas, the Bocek Bow, and Valkyrie.

However, dataminers have been hard at work discovering future content in the game’s files, revealing the next big collection event, which seems to share a similar theme to the Season 9 Battle Pass.

apex legends collection event

The last collection event players experienced in Apex Legends was the Chaos Theory event. This was Season 8’s big collection event where Caustic took over Water Treatment on Kings Canyon, and Bangalore’s heirloom “Cold Steel” was released.

There are always various hints at what the collection event’s theme will be, with Caustic being the feature Legend along with Fuse for Season 8 and the Battle Pass having a certain gas theme to it. Perhaps this is also the case for this season’s collection event.

Apex Legends “Japan Legacy” collection event

apex legends collection event japan legacy

Garretleaks is the dataminer behind the new information, revealing the collection event’s theme, as well as some of the skins and banner frames we may potentially be seeing.

The next Apex Legends collection event is believed to be called “Japan Legacy,” containing a Japanese theme influenced by the nation’s culture.

This is very fitting for the current season, as the Battle Pass items also share a strong Japanese theme, and the new Legend Valkyrie being Japanese as well. In the weeks leading up to Season 9’s reveal, we saw lots of Japanese culture, with Japanese manga references in the teaser images on Apex Legend’s social media accounts.

Further, both Valkyrie and Crypto are both the feature Legends for Season 9: Legacy, sharing Asian descent, perhaps further hinting at the Asian-themed collection event and season as a whole. Garretleaks has posted images of some of the items we will see in this event, clearly showing a Japanese theme.

Fuse’s skin has loads of little Japanese style Fuse’s drawn onto his outfit, while Caustic has a yellow Samurai layered armor design.

As well as Fuse and Caustic’s skins sharing the theme of Japanese culture, it seems the Loot Tick for the event will also be Japanese-themed, with a red and yellow cherry blossom design printed on them.

Although we have also had Crypto, Wattson, and Rampart’s heirlooms leaked, Garret is fairly confident that the heirloom we will see for this event is Revenants. However, remember these are just leaks and nothing confirmed, so don’t be surprised if Revenant’s heirloom is not featured.

Regardless, a Japanese-themed collection event in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is a great idea, celebrating Asian culture worldwide to stop Asian hate.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment