XDefiant players fear for game’s future after Modern Warfare 3 reveal

XDefiant character with rifleUbisoft

Players have been waiting patiently for news on XDefiant’s final release date, after a successful beta only increased the hype surrounding Ubisoft’s FPS. However, following the reveal of Modern Warfare 3, some fans are concerned about the game’s long-term success.

XDefiant is the upcoming FPS from Ubisoft, that pits many of the publisher’s biggest franchises against one other as Factions, from Splinter Cell’s Echelon to Dedsec from Watch Dogs. The arena shooter enjoyed a successful beta period, and fans are eagerly awaiting the full release.

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Since it was first revealed, XDefiant has been seen as a direct rival to Call of Duty, as it looks to address a number of issues that CoD fans have raised in recent years, such as Ranked Play at launch and no skill-based matchmaking in public matches.

However, as fans continue to wait for details on XDefiant’s launch date, the reveal of Modern Warfare 3 has some concerned about how the game will perform.

Ubisoft’s upcoming title appealed to many players since the CoD community was disappointed with both Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2. But this year’s sequel, Modern Warfare 3, is bringing back a host of fan-favorite features and classic maps.

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With this in mind, Kick streamer ‘Loochy’ argued that XDefiant might not have what it takes to rival Call of Duty long-term.

“XDefiant is going to have a 1-3 month shelf life if all they are offering is another Arena Shooter,” he said on X. “I don’t care how much launch hype it has.”

Others seemed to agree, with CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope replying: “I think MWIII is doing enough to keep a lot of people’s eyes off of XDefiant. In fact the people who were all in on it originally are now on the MWIII train instead.”

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Meanwhile, some players admitted that the reveal of Modern Warfare 3 has made them less likely to try XDefiant when it finally launches.

“I was so damn hyped for XDefiant but now I’m seeing MWIII is offering almost everything I’ve wanted, I don’t have a reason to play XDefiant when MWIII drops,” said one fan.

A number of replies also felt that the game would have benefitted from being released earlier and distancing itself from Modern Warfare 3, while some argued XDefiant “scratches the itch but doesn’t fill the void” of a CoD game.

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While there’s no official release date for XDefiant, the game is still due to arrive before the end of 2023. Only time will tell how it performs once players finally have their hands on it, as the fact that Ubisoft is making the game free-to-play could convince players to switch.

For more on XDefiant, be sure to check out the full system requirements, as well as how to earn Twitch Drops for the game.

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