FaZe Jev breaks down key reasons XDefiant could be the Call of Duty killer

Joseph Pascoulis
xdefiant characters shooting eachother

XDefiant is taking the FPS community by storm, and now FaZe Jev has detailed the key areas in which he believes Ubisoft’s XDefiant beats Call of Duty.

XDefiant is only in closed beta, but the game already has a ranked mode and recently surpassed 1 million players.

Many like to compare its gameplay to that of Call of Duty, mostly because its modes, time-to-kill, weapons, and combat are very similar. XDefiant even has ex-Call of Duty developers involved in its production such as Mark Rubin.

While the comparison is inevitable, some XDefiant fans are even going as far as to call it the Call of Duty killer, and FaZe Jev has weighed in. Jev is typically associated with Call of Duty, but as of recently, he’s been enjoying XDefiant.

In his April 20 YouTube video, the FaZe member broke down the key areas in which XDefiant is beating Call of Duty. One of the ways Jev says Ubisoft is doing this is by providing a proper beta with a Ranked mode, even if the competitive mode is in alpha.

Jev feels it shows that Ubisoft won’t be “drip feeding” content for XDefiant, which he accuses Infinity Ward of doing with Modern Warfare 2, as Ranked Play finally arrived in Season 2 of the game.

The FaZe member also mentions the positive communication between XDefiant devs and the players, which he feels will help the development of the game a lot.

The main area that Jev mentions in regard to the ways in which XDefiant is beating Call of Duty, is the fact that the casual playlist does not have skill-based matchmaking. Jev says he feels like “skill-based matchmaking makes everything a lot less organic,” and that XDefiant’s “public matches are actually public matches.”

Jev states that public matches in XDefiant are “actually really great,” comparing it to the “old days” in terms of Call of Duty and the motivation to get great gameplay and clips in pubs. The content creator also states that the map designs and spawns in XDefiant are superior to CoD’s “shot” flow.

XDefiant is still only in beta, and there’s no official release date for the game, so it’s unclear how it will be received compared to CoD when it finally launches, especially if Call of Duty 2023 is a hit with the community.

Image Credits: Ubisoft

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