How to control recoil in The Finals: Top tips for zero recoil

Aakrit Sharma
The Finals gameplay

Recoil control is one of the primary skills in The Finals and getting used to the recoil pattern of the game’s several weapons can be tricky. If you’re struggling to deal damage in mid to long ranges due to recoil, here’s how to get almost zero recoil in The Finals.

Shooter games like Valorant, Overwatch 2, and Fortnite require players to have precise aim and fast reflexes. The Finals is no exception as despite the abundance of cylinders, Specializations, and Gadgets, you’ll have to rely a lot on your weapons to deal damage.

Based on your build, there are plenty of diverse options in The Finals’ arsenal. From the hard-hitting AKM and RPGs to the fast-firing SMGs, every weapon comes with different properties, but one thing that’s common in them all is recoil.

This makes recoil control pretty important for improving your rank, and here’s how to get almost zero recoil in The Finals.

The Finals player holding a weapon
You can control the recoil of any weapon through recoil smoothing in The Finals.

How to get no recoil in The Finals

You can get close to zero recoil in The Finals on any weapon through recoil smoothing, which is a common strategy to reduce weapon recoil in other shooters like Apex Legends.

Here’s how recoil smoothing works:

  • Try your best to track the opponents as they move vertically or horizontally.
  • At the same time, move in the opposite direction as the opponent with your keyboard/controller.

Recoil is minimized in The Finals, like Apex Legends when your crosshair is constantly moving at a certain speed and not when you’re trying to pull down the mouse/trigger on your controller based on the weapon’s recoil pattern.

This rewards players who can track moving targets efficiently, and in Embark’s fast-paced title, you’ll rarely find a stagnant target.

Now, to make the most of recoil smoothing, you can add movement through your keyboard and move in the opposite direction of the opponent you’re shooting. This will result in your crosshair’s consistent horizontal movement and minimize recoil.

Do note that recoil smoothing in The Finals is slightly different than in Apex Legends as in the former, it triggers randomly and increases with time.

How to jitter aim to reduce recoil

Jitter aiming is another trick to significantly reduce your recoil in The Finals. While shooting a rather stable opponent, you can constantly move your mouse to create tiny circles while trying to hit the center. The recoil, due to the mouse’s continued horizontal movement, is minimal.

This strategy works like a charm in Apex Legends if implemented correctly, and you can try it out in The Finals as well because both games share similar recoil mechanics.

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