TeeP reveals insane number of Warzone matches he’s lost to cheaters

Liam Mackay
TeeP Warzone cheaters

Popular Warzone streamer Tyler “TeeP” Polchow has revealed that he’s lost almost a fifth of his battle royale matches to cheaters.

Cheating has been a contentious issue in Warzone since its launch, but Activision have revealed they have recently banned 60,000 accounts and will be implementing more measures to protect the game from cheaters in the future.

TeeP, who’s an ex-CoD pro and host of The Barracks for the CDL, has found great success streaming Warzone. He’s known for his calm dominance while pubstomping and taking part in tournaments, but even the best players aren’t safe from losing to cheaters.

With big names in the Warzone scene quitting competitive play, and the ‘stim glitch‘ reportedly returning for the sixth time, TeeP revealed just how many times he’s lost a game to cheaters.

In a tweet on February 2, TeeP revealed that he has lost a whopping 1,182 matches of Warzone to cheaters. This is more matches than the majority of players have dropped in to.

He said one of his Twitch moderators has been keeping track of losses to cheaters, and this includes “stim glitcher, wallers, aim botters, etc that are obvious.”

The number could be even higher with the number of cheaters that go to great lengths to avoid detection.

According to CODTracker.com, TeeP has played 5,712 matches of Warzone. This means that almost a fifth of his games have been directly ruined by cheaters.

Warzone cheaters

TeeP and other top streamers don’t play the same game as the rest of us; they are often directly targeted by stream snipers, so the number will be higher than average. However, 1,182 is still an insane amount of cheaters.

Activision and Raven Software, Warzone’s dev team, are aware of the issue. They have promised updates to their internal anti-cheat and will provide “regular communication updates on progress,” resulting in “more two-way dialogue.”

Image Credit: The Barracks / Activision

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