What is Street Fighter 6 World Tour? Single-player mode explained

Luca Di Marzo
Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode

Street Fighter 6 is set to launch with an exciting new single-player mode: World Tour. This novel feature allows players to design their own characters and pit them against NPC opponents in a variety of areas. We’ll unpack everything we know about SF6 World Tour.

Capcom’s popular fighting franchise, Street Fighter, is introducing an innovative feature in its sixth installment: the World Tour mode.

This Street Fighter 6 game mode, developed as Capcom’s response to critics demanding more single-player content, allows players to craft their own protagonist and engage with NPCs in fierce battles throughout different stages.

Let’s take a look at what to expect from the World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode explained

Street Fighter 6 World Tour represents a single-player narrative experience that enables you to personalize your game character, who then ventures through 3D landscapes and areas from the franchise’s storied history. This mode boasts gameplay that combines elements of action and adventure.

Throughout the journey, players have the chance to initiate street battles with various NPCs. Certain battles may include specific objectives that, once accomplished, provide exclusive rewards and items. Spectators gather around to watch these thrilling encounters, and with each victory, the player’s avatar grows stronger, benefiting character progression.

Eateries scattered around the game map also provide an extra layer of immersion. Players can purchase food from these locations to boost their avatar’s vitality, enhance stats, and even gain battle advantages, such as increased energy levels.

Character creation in Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode

In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, players get to craft their character using a detailed customization system known as Avatar Creator. Metro City’s Luke serves as the avatar’s mentor, while Bosch appears as a classmate and competitor. These are just two of the NPCs that players will interact with during their World Tour journey.

Moreover, World Tour mode features in-game stores offering wearable accessories such as hats, shirts, trousers, and footwear, each with the potential to affect the avatar’s appearance, statistics, and traits. The selection of items available in these stores is set to change regularly, adding an element of unpredictability for players.

Customizing your avatar’s appearance is just one of the exciting features of SF6 World Tour.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour missions

Another aspect of the World Tour mode is the addition of missions, which players receive via their avatar’s smartphone. For instance, one mission sends players to Chinatown to learn valuable fighting techniques from the legendary Chun-Li.

Completing such tasks and training under iconic Street Fighter characters enables players to unlock the teacher’s special Master Action. These abilities can be utilized to uncover hidden areas or unlock special rewards, offering additional layers of gameplay.

These character relationships also unlock special missions that enhance the bond between the avatar and their mentor. The ability to give gifts to these characters is included, with varying reactions adding another level of realism to the game.

Lastly, players should anticipate surprise attacks from NPCs, activating the World Tour-exclusive feature known as “Drive Stall.” This feature slows down time and enhances the power of Master Actions, leading to more engaging and dynamic combat situations.

This comprehensive breakdown gives you a snapshot of what to expect from the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode. The feature promises to inject new life into Capcom’s classic franchise, and fans around the globe eagerly anticipate its release.

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